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How we interpret CSR

CSR is commonly known as Corporate Social Responsibility. At NewNorth we apply the term Collective Social Responsibility. Why? Well, we believe it should not just be down to corporate organizations to implement sustainable practices, but that all companies no matter the industry or size should be accountable for safeguarding their employees and the environment. Moreover, the word collective is, in our opinion, more inclusive, thus empowering your community to come together with a more unified approach to sustainable initiatives. 

CSR is broken into four categories: Environmental, Philanthropic, Ethical and Economic responsibility. Naturally, we take all these into account when educating our clients and developing customized strategies. 

When all is said and done, the outcome for implementing a CSR culture is to improve the wellbeing of your people and our planet, and it is for this reason that we provide a holistic roadmap for both People and Planet Sustainability. Although each of these verticals are interconnected, they still require nurturing individually.

Why adopt a CSR strategy?

Initiating a People CSR program means advocating diversity and equality in the workplace, paying salaries in line with employee value and experience, providing training and development to encourage employee career growth, and ultimately ensuring that your workforce enjoys a healthy work-life balance. All of the above contributes towards a happy and productive business culture that in the long run will enable your company to blossom and grow. 

Championing a Planet CSR program by identifying environmental issues, and endorsing a culture of real change is an obligation that none of us should ignore. Decreasing the carbon footprint left behind from your business activities by endorsing energy saving initiatives in the workplace is just one way you can combat climate change. Minimising single use plastics and sensible recycling will mean that less waste ends up in our oceans, thus conserving marine habitats. Planting more trees means more oxygen and clean air for all of us. Initiating tree planting programs and conservation team building activities will not only contribute to the wellbeing of the environment but is a great way to strengthen team morale.  

It is these CSR initiatives which will not only help you to develop a more cohesive bond with your people, but will also help you to attract a new breed of socially responsible employees. In addition, this will generate more respect for your brand, resulting in a new type customer. A business culture with CSR at its core is ultimately a win-win for everyone, and it’s for this reason that we encourage you to join the sustainable revolution.

Our CSR contribution

At NewNorth, we regulate ourselves to ensure that all of our CSR initiatives positively impact the local community and the world as a whole. We strive to work ethically for both people and the planet by ensuring that social, economic and environmental practices are kept at the forefront of our daily business activities. An example of this is the work we do for AZRAQ.

AZRAQ is a non-profit marine conservation NGO registered with the Community Development Authority in the UAE on a mission to safeguard and protect the oceanic ecosystem. Azraq aims to educate through awareness programs and community presentations, motivate individuals, organisations and communities at large to make a difference and activate them by offering a range of activities on, in and around the ocean.

NewNorth serves as a volunteer consultant for AZRAQ, providing education, business strategy, branding, and human resource services. These include developing education programs to raise awareness about marine conservation in the UAE, business planning and forecasting and overseeing recruitment and career development.


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