At newnorth, we regulate ourselves to ensure that our CSR initiatives positively impact the local community and the world. We strive to work ethically for both people and planet by ensuring that social, economic, and environmental practices are kept at the forefront of our daily business activities.
AZRAQ is a non-profit marine conservation NGO registered with the Community Development Authority in the UAE on a mission to safeguard and protect the oceanic ecosystem. AZRAQ aims to educate through awareness programs and community presentations, but also supports environmental schemes such as mangrove trees, beach clean-ups, and coral restoration initiatives. newnorth serves as a volunteer consultant for AZRAQ, providing education, business strategy, branding, and human resource services. These include developing education programs to raise awareness about marine conservation in the UAE, business planning and forecasting and overseeing recruitment and career development. In addition, we actively support events, and provide branding and marketing consultancy.