Championing Sustainable Business Evolution

What We Do

We are a consultancy firm that advises, educates and implements a host of services and solutions while fostering CSR methodologies and strategies. Through careful analysis we identify internal and external problems and build roadmaps to support your business objectives. We provide business development and human capital support, customized training and education courses, brand strategy guidance, and business and career coaching.

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We champion sustainable business evolution to enhance your growth, to enrich your people and while doing so, to safeguard our planet. This can be achieved by adopting a change in your business culture and by applying progressive innovation resulting in successful and meaningful outcomes.


“I would highly recommend James and his team because they are not only helping us grow our business rapidly but are also genuinely interested in what we do and why we do it.”

Adnan Sawadi

Managing Partner, VFA Solutions fäm Properties

“James is a very charismatic guy. He’s personable, knowledgeable and has an extensive network, even in very specific fields. I’d have zero hesitation in working with him or recommending him in the future.”

Lee Drinkwater

Project Director, Private office of Sheikh Theban Al Nahyan

“My experience with James is not only as a candidate who he successfully recruited for a position but also as a business owner he has provided services to. I would definitely recommend James’ services to other businesses.”

Firas Naser

Managing Director, UMI

“I highly recommend James with his skillset and ability to analyze a business, dive deep into the operations, with an outcome of success in all areas.”

James Hussey