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James moved to the UAE in 2005 and throughout this time has built a strong reputation as a facilitator, advisor, trainer and trusted mentor. His expertise and approach to business strategy, sales growth, training, education, leadership mentoring, marketing and branding has contributed to shaping many well-known organizations throughout the region.

Today he invests his time either by guiding companies towards sustainable business practices or partnering with likeminded innovators who support conservation and people centric workplaces. He is a champion for CSR and believes that it should be at the heart of every organization’s mission, vision and core values. James’ legacy is of the hundreds of successful collaborations with corporates and SME’s across the Middle East, the thousands of careers he has helped nurture, and the countless international businesses who have flourished under his guidance. Helping businesses and careers successfully evolve and reach their full potential, while being a force for good is what inspired James to start NewNorth.


Nadine is a sustainability consultant and activist who helps leaders and businesses become a force for good. She is a French National with a Moroccan heritage, holds an Engineering diploma, and is an ex-corporate leader with more than 10 years experience working with international companies in Audit & Risk Management. She is now a certified transformational executive coach and an expert in sustainability in business.

Nadine is an all-rounder who has the capability to advise, design and implement CSR strategies and roadmaps for any type of business or industry. She is adept at creating awareness and is a specialist in training leaders and companies on sustainability such as CSR, ESG, Climate Change, Diversity & Inclusion, and supports companies in becoming certified B Corporations. She is also a coach and mentor that helps individuals to take their leadership and career to the next level whilst making a positive impact.


Dr. Carol Daniel Kasbari Ph.D is a social scientist with an interdisciplinary doctoral degree in conflict analysis and resolution. She has over 20 years experience designing and leading programs in the field of conflict mitigation, peacebuilding, advocacy, and nonviolent resistance in complex environments within the MENA region and Europe. She is a Non-resident Scholar with MEI’s Program on Palestine and Palestinian-Israeli Affairs, has participated in several second track negotiations of Palestinians and Israelis, and led hundreds of dialogue sessions among adversaries in different political contexts, including Palestine, Israel, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, and Bosnia.

She was also a consultant for UNESCO’s division of Freedom of Expression, Democracy and Peace for eight years, leading media and education programs across Middle East. She has received the John Burton award for her academic excellence twice, the James H. Laue Scholarship for her service to the field of conflict resolution, and the George Mason Provost fellowship for conducting her field research and in 2019 and the prestigious dissertation Award of the AAUW (American Association of University Women), as well as George Mason’s advisory board scholarship. Moreover, she’s written several papers and presentations, as well as a number of op-eds in The Washington Post, and The New York Times. With such knowledge, experience and credentials gained in the political arena, it was only a matter of time until she applied her expertise to the business world.


Marina moved to the UAE 8 years ago after completing her academic degrees in education, training and communications from the University of Bacau, Romania. Throughout her time in Dubai she has developed a multitude of operational insights in diverse industry sectors such as Hospitality, Oil & Gas, Education and local Government. She is a dedicated and industrious business professional who relishes the opportunity to collaborate with corporate organisations, SMEs and Start-ups, and can adapt to any challenge or environment that is presented to her. Marina is a passionate supporter of CSR, specifically when it comes to ethics within the workplace, and the moral values of purpose-driven practices. What ultimately drives her are the success stories of teams that engage towards building strong brand principles and sustainably.


Rana is an educator, and e-Learning developer. Her expertise in creating immersive and contextual learning experiences in a physical and digital environment, and advising learners on how best to serve their communities. Rana‘s work captures stories that inspire individuals to consider their relationships with nature while promoting sustainable practices. She also collaborates with organisations in UAE who advocate marine conservation initiatives and CSR methodologies. Rana believes that businesses have an obligation to the society beyond the commitments to their stakeholders or investors. Businesses must mitigate their environmental footprint, and give back to the people and the planet. Rana’s hunger to pass on her knowledge is equal to her appetite to learn and better herself through work experience and her can-do attitude.


Sarah originates from South Africa but became a British citizen in her teens, representing Team GB in gymnastics at the Barcelona 1992 Olympics. As well as being an Olympian she was also the World School Games Champion in 1990 and has held numerous British gymnastics titles between 1988 to 1992. She was the Head Coach for the UAE Gymnastics team at the Special Olympics in 2019 and continues to support and train people of determination, as well as an advisor for various gymnastics related organizations and elite squads.

Since retiring from her gymnastics career in 1994, she has applied her skills and knowledge to top-flight sport such as the Abu Dhabi Sports Council. Sarah is also an ambassador for KOI Sports, supporting grassroots funding for sports around the globe, and is the founder of Wiaforum, Women in Africa, which is a forum that supports female empowerment across the African continent.


“I would highly recommend James and his team because they are not only helping us grow our business rapidly but are also genuinely interested in what we do and why we do it.”

Adnan Sawadi

Managing Partner, VFA Solutions fäm Properties

“James is a very charismatic guy. He’s personable, knowledgeable and has an extensive network, even in very specific fields. I’d have zero hesitation in working with him or recommending him in the future.”

Lee Drinkwater

Project Director, Private office of Sheikh Theban Al Nahyan

“My experience with James is not only as a candidate who he successfully recruited for a position but also as a business owner he has provided services to. I would definitely recommend James’ services to other businesses.”

Firas Naser

Managing Director, UMI

“I highly recommend James with his skillset and ability to analyze a business, dive deep into the operations, with an outcome of success in all areas.”

James Hussey