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Business Testimonials

“James worked with me at fäm Properties from 2018 till 2020, during which time he successfully led the restructuring of our performance management system (IPAs and KPIs) for over 200 employees. In addition, he initiated and managed many effective international ventures and roadshows covering B2B, recruitment and business development across many countries in the EU, Middle East and Africa. He developed and executed the creation of fäm Academy which has now become the leading real estate training program in Dubai. He has helped coach many senior professionals within my organization. James is a very well-rounded, mature, honest, and loyal professional. I highly recommend James to anyone looking for leadership and mentoring. James and I will continue to remain close friends in the future and I look forward to supporting him and NewNorth.”

Firas Al Msaddi

CEO, fäm Properties

“I would like to share my positive experience and feedback of hiring James Khoury as a consultant at INVIP in 2018. From the very start till the end of James’s contract at INVIP, he took every detail into consideration from accessing the business model, branding, past accomplishments with several suggestions to the future operating model. He left no stone unturned with a holistic view of changes required to enhance the business to the next level. James was also responsible for creating our brand strategy and designed our brand logo which we still use today. James sourced candidates in the UAE for an operation manager role, hired a fantastic resource and trained whilst delivering his scope of the consultancy. I highly recommend James with his skillset and ability to analyze a business, dive deep into the operations, with an outcome of success in all areas.”

James Hussey


“I first connected with James in 2009 at that time I was the CEO of a Real Estate brokerage firm which is called Elysian Real Estate. James was able to swiftly implement a very efficient form of management system within the company and contributed to restructuring of the organization. In addition to a very in-depth in-house training program which he created for the company he was able to recruit highly capable sales agents from the local market and sales specialists from the UK. His input contributed to our business growth whereby we were able to increase our market share within the Dubai property sector. James has continuously collaborated with Elysian Real Estate over the past 10 years, providing training, development and manpower. I would happily recommend James to any business leader since he has the capability to understand the customer needs and is able to action a workable roadmap that will lead to a successful outcome.”

Masood Naseeb

CEO, Elysian Real Estate

“James and I met through mutual contacts in the sales and coaching industry. As the director of IMA, I run and manage various departments including sales, which requires day-to-day attention, management and creativity. However, I wanted to `inject` new techniques, tips and tricks within the sales team. I also wanted the team to gain back its motivation and for an expert consultant to take a `fresh` look on our set up, skills and processes. The outcome was much more than I could have anticipated. James input benefited the sales team, and the company as a whole including myself. New processes, targets and KPIs were implemented allowing the company to perform much better overall. I would only highly recommend James’ services to any other business.”

Servane Collette

Director, IMA (Institute of Medical Aesthetics)

“I met James recently and he is primarily helping us with business development and market activities. His know-how and expertise of the market helped us to craft a clear strategy, which is being executed in collaboration with him and his team. They connected us immediately with relevant partners and potential clients because they understood our business. I would highly recommend James and his team because they are not only helping us grow our business rapidly but are also genuinely interested in what we do and why we do it. Making them a trustworthy and reliable partner in a key area of our business, sales and marketing.”

Adnan Sawadi

Managing Partner, VFA Solutions fäm Properties

Career Testimonials

“I met James through mutual friends when they found out I was looking to move to Dubai full time. He helped me secure a job that turned out to be a great stepping stone from purely being primarily in the security field to defense and security. It led me to working on large programmes within the Defense market both here in the UAE and across the globe. I am now the Co-Founder and Managing Director of AS2 Systems. We develop autonomous vessel systems for defense and military purposes. James is a very charismatic guy. He’s personable, knowledgeable and has an extensive network, even in very specific fields (such as Defense). I’d have zero hesitation in working with him or recommending him in the future.”

Lee Drinkwater

Project Director, Private office of Sheikh Theban Al Nahyan

“I was hired as a Senior Property Consultant by James at fäm Properties. During our time together, he provided excellent coaching to the team, resolved issues and problems that were not only work related but also on a personal level. I was immediately impressed by the way he motivated us to achieve our goals and provided career guidance especially to the new agents joining the real estate industry. He has a positive mindset towards everything and was appreciated not just by myself but everyone in the company. I am absolutely confident that James would bring something really exceptional and outstanding to the table since he has a great deal of experience in counseling and coaching people.”

Ahmed Raafat

Sales Manager, Omniyat Properties

“I’ve known James for over a decade. He continually engages people and organizations dynamically to evolve their professionalism and capabilities to new heights. I’ve personally prospered from his executive search processes, where he helped me score a position as the Director of Financial Investment in 2014. Many businesses in the region have benefited significantly, to a large degree thanks to James’ unique spirit and enthusiasm to connect visionary, motivated and professional people and organizations together to achieve mutual prosperity. Even given the toughest challenge, and during demanding economic times, I’ve found James to be extremely dedicated to achieving positive outcomes at both the enterprise and personal levels.”

Stefan Hickmott

Director, Evarei Management

“I met James in 2005 and he introduced me to my first company. I was taking on the role of Marketing Manager in a Real Estate company. From the moment I met James I knew he was very different from other recruiters, as he was able to genuinely identify what I was looking for and within a couple of weeks he successfully placed me within this organization. I’ve known James for the past 15 years and we’ve been good friends. James has provided a lot of different services for my events and exhibitions company. Today I’ve employed over 200 people, and I work with the UAE government, Dubai and Abu Dhabi based companies, providing different services within the exhibition industry. My experience with James is not only as a candidate who he successfully recruited for a position but also as a business owner he has provided services to. I would definitely recommend James’ services to other businesses.”

Ahmed Raafat

Managing Director, UMI

“In the last 18 months I have been employed as a Property Consultant through fäm Properties. The first thing I noticed having newly arrived in Dubai was the structure and strategy adopted by the company which was designed and implemented by James. I was impressed by the way he motivated us to achieve our goals especially across a varying multicultural company with differing aims and goals. His knowledge of Dubai and background of leading successful teams was evident and offered me the opportunity to leverage on this to start my journey at fäm.”

Danny Walsh

Senior Consultant, fäm Properties